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David Hargreaves is a mining engineer with over forty years of senior experience in the industry.

After qualifying in coal mining he worked worldwide in other minerals for over ten years.  He was Head of Research for stockbrokers James Capel in London from 1974 to 1977 and voted Mining Analyst of the year on three successive occasions.  Since forming his own metals broking and research company in 1977, he has successfully promoted and been a director of several public companies.  He publishes “The Week in Mining”, an incisive review of world mining.  He is a Chartered Mining Engineer, Fellow of the Geological Society and the Institute of Mining, Minerals and Materials and a member of the Royal Institution.  One of his textbooks, The World Index of Resources and Population, accurately predicted the exponential rise in demand for steel industry products.  He travels extensively and regularly compiles competent persons reports.  A list of his textbooks and publications is available in the British Library.

The family company, Fair Trade Gemstones Ltd., is based in the London Diamond Bourse.  It specialises in the sourcing and sale of ethically produced gemstones and is headed by David’s daughter, Kathy Chappell.

David Hargreaves
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