The Week in Mining, now in its 7th year of publication, brings you a ten-page, concise summary of news and views on the world minerals industry.

Emailed to subscribers each Sunday night, 48 weeks per year, it contains more than just the market statistics – shares and minerals prices, warehouse stock levels, exchange and interest rates.  WIM follows the latest news on both the broad and specific.  Its 10-12 sections cover mining shares movements; precious, bulk, exchanged-traded and minor metals, currency and energy issues as well as events in all countries important to mining and minerals, from Angola to Zimbabwe and all points in between:  Russia, China, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Canada, USA, Chile…  Their changing politics, policies and approaches to foreign investment are analysed.

We transmit internationally to politicians, media, industry leaders, academics and private investors.  Over the years, we have attracted correspondents in the key mining countries, enabling us to stay ahead of the pack.

Latest Table of Contents
Leader Repent at Leisure
Major Shares In a surplus market, it is all about positioning.
Small & Medium Caps Mostly red ink, but celery and chilli feature
Bulk Minerals Iron ore below $80.  Fight on.
Exchange Traded Metals Nickel in the spotlight and pointing upwards.
Precious Metals Behind the near $70 gold price fall.
Minor Metals Continued weakening, particularly the titanium ores.
Exchange Rates QE:  Us out, Japan in.  Dollar marches on.
Energy Lochinvar:  a coking coal project in today’s market.
Gemstones The diamond oligarchs stir.
Countries China continues its march into Africa.
And Now Some Things…. The art of obituary writing.  Mining the moon.